June 11, 2008

A peek into the life of the rich — a visit to Leisure Farm, Johor

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Last weekend, I was invited to tag along on a visit to Leisure Farm, a resort-style development just across the Causeway in Johor, Malaysia.

As you enter, the guard salutes you! (Obviously, they want to make their residents feel special) And then you drive through a road lined with mansions. Feels like you’re entering an episode of the ‘Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous’.

Right now, they are marketing the Bayou Water Village, a residential plot with homes built near a river, so that was one of the first places we were taken to see. You enter  through yet another secured gate. What did I say about the lifestyle of the rich?

We were taken to see the showhomes. They’re like little chalets, really, the most attractive of course being the ones facing the river. How special it would be to live in a home with a balcony that overlooks the river (see the homes under construction in the picture below).

Under construction - Bayou Water Village at Leisure Farm, Johor, Malaysia

Picture: Bayou Water Village — homes with balconies that overlook the river.

One thing though: I was a bit taken aback to see a brownish river, which was definitely one of my sillier notions. Of course a river in this part of the world looks like that! Guess I expected them to somehow engineer a river that looks prettier. And, actually, they did make a sort of try at that, with a pristine vanishing-edge swimming pool at the clubhouse (yes, there’s a clubhouse just for the Bayou Water Village) which, from a distance, looks like it is joined to the river.

Bayou Water Village, Leisure Farm, Johor, Malaysia

Picture: Vanishing-edge swimming pool at Bayou Water Village, Leisure Farm, Johor.

By the end of the visit, what I really liked about Leisure Farm was that they had taken care to create an ordered environment that still has a lot of natural elements, with forest areas left untouched. The quiet roads, the general cleanliness of the place, and facilities like a large stable and a golf course, combine to make it feel like an exclusive enclave, a place for the elite.



  1. Paul Liew Min Choon said,

    This place is really beautiful as I have worked there before venturing to Australia to continue with my career .

    I like the stables and the trail rides during their infant years.
    I promise to return one day to visit this awesome resort.

    Credit must be given to the management for doing such a fine job in promoting this ‘paradise’.

    • lula parker said,

      nice place

  2. myrlinn said,

    You’re really lucky to have worked there, Paul. What I love about the place is that they’ve kept a lot of natural greenery. The stables and the availability of small plots for people love gardening make living there very attractive, if you can afford it, that is.

    • Anonymous said,

      Hi Myrlinn

      It has been awhile since I last visited this site and am very please to see so many comments too..I was wondering if the stables are still around and are they well taken care of.

      I use to run the joint for a couple of months before I left for Melbourne, Australia to continue my career.

      • Anonymous said,

        Hi! It’s been a while since I visited Leisure Farm as well, so I really have no idea about the stables.

  3. yong cs said,

    I happen to have a bungalow there sitting on 12,000+ sq feet of land. Looking for tenancy, at only S$2,500 per month. Not that expensive living in this resort, right?

    • Jane Shaw said,

      Hi yong cs is your Bungalow still available to rent

      Many Thanks Jane Shaw

  4. myrlinn said,

    yong, I’d love to rent from you, but that’s way beyond my budget. But for someone who can afford it… a great lifestyle to be had there.

  5. suz said,

    I bought myself a unit at the Bayou Water Village after much searching for almost a year at other developments. I fell in love with it the first time I lay eyes on it. In terms of size, the unit is definitely smaller than other developments BUT what I love about Leisure Farm is its the freedom that I felt the moment I was there. Its like your own piece of paradise. It is the best life decision I made so far and I didn’t regret it one bit!

  6. myrlinn said,

    Hi Suz, I agree with you about the environment … clean, modern yet a feeling of space and being part of nature. Is yours a unit by the river?

  7. Tyler jeffery said,

    I am relocating to a new job in singapore,but are not ready to give up Malaysia quite yet. I would like to find a 3-4 bed bungalow at the farm. is there anything available? and how tough is the commute to an office in Ang Mo Kio?

    • JT said,

      Hi TJ,
      I happen to have just collected the keys to my 3 BR semi-D at the Bayou Water Village mentioned above – one of only 16 semi-Ds situated along the canal. Bought it because it is a dream resort environment to live in. Unfortunately, I cannot move there at this time.
      If you are interested to rent the unit, let me know. I can send you photos as well as arrange a viewing.
      It comes with aircons, built-in wardrobes and fully equipped kitchen, as well as its own private clubhouse (pool, gym and other facilities).
      PS: I used to live in Leisure Farm 2 years back and would commute to Singapore for work. It’s about 1 hr drive during peak hours and 40-45min, including customs clearance (about the same for AMK and Raffles Place). Hope this helps.

      • Mabel said,

        Hi JT,
        How much do you want to rent out your semi-D at Bayou Water Village? Can you give me rental price for fully furnished or not.
        Mrs Mabel

  8. myrlinn said,

    Hi Tyler, I’m not a property agent, so I can’t help you with finding that bungalow. You may want to contact Leisure Farm directly — their marketing staff may be able to help you. As for commuting from Leisure Farm to Ang Mo Kio… that’s quite a long drive. Maybe it’s better to find a home in one of the quieter areas in Singapore?

  9. kamala said,

    We are the owner of singalow storey bungalow at leisure with swinmming pool and furnish.We would like to sell, any interest part? pls email me

    • Watto said,

      Hi Tans,

      We have viewed the available units from Developer just last week. We may be neighbours soon 🙂

      Still trying to figure out if we can commute daily between Leisure farm and Sgp. The MM2H programme is just too cumbersome.

      I heard about the Macs programme that speeds up custom clearance.

      • zilly said,

        hi Tan and Watto

        I just booked one terrence from developer. but i want to buy land and build myself. may i know what type of house you booked and the price for us as reference.
        Thanks a lot

    • Mrs Ang said,

      What is the land area and how many rooms for the bungalow for sale in leisure farm? What is the asking price in RM ? thanks

    • Elan said,

      Is your bunglow still available and how much are you selling it?

    • Jane Shaw said,

      Hi Kamala I am looking for a detached property in Leisure

      Farm to rent then buy, if you are interested please contact me,
      Many thanks Jane Shaw

  10. tans said,

    Just got my key to unit X-01 and about to have second inspection on defects completed. Any residents there willing to share experience and tips on remedy and/or living?

  11. Narin said,

    Hi there

    I have a unit at Bayou Water Village (Semi-D). We want to sell….anybody interested??

    • tan said,

      hi Narin. I m really interested of BWV semiD.

      Do email me if unit stil avail>

      Many tks>

      • Narin said,

        Hi Tan,

        Yes my unit is still available. You can contact me at +60172730318.

  12. Sam said,

    Hi Narin, how much u thinking of selling it for? U can email me your price.

    I have a few sellers who have provide their price so pondering which one to buy from. Thanks…

    • Anonymous said,

      Hi Sam, i’ve just emailed you. (thanks again yen).

      • Narin said,

        ooppss…forgot to give my name.

        Sam…regarding the Bayou unit for sale…i’ve just emailed you.

  13. Watto said,

    I am also looking to buy a unit here. Pls do email your selling details to me. I will like to arrange to go there to view the place.

  14. Narin said,

    Hi there Watto…

    Our asking price is RM1.2 million, negotiable. We are very serious sellers.

    Anybody else interested please call/sms me… +65 96161615. And my email is narinmuktar@yahoo.com

    Interested parties should view our unit 1st before making a decision. We are not facing any other units…so there is privacy.

    It’s a semi-D, along the canal. Leisure Farm is an amazingly beautiful place, quiet, peaceful, with lots of greenery. And Bayou Water Village is just unique.

  15. JT said,

    Hi all,
    My hubby and I have been on MACS for the past 2 months and it has saved us time and hassle. We have recommended some of our friends to also apply. If you call up, the immigration staff are not very familiar as only 1-2 handle MACS so you may be sent on a wild goose chase like we were at first. What has worked for us: (1) U need to complete and submit the online form, (2) get it endorsed by your developer, (3) get your developer’s support letter for your application. (4) The place to go to is the Danga Bay office if you are applying under the Investor Scheme. (5) Make an appointment using the reference number from your online application. (6) Bring the endorsed form, letter, 1 passport photo, photocopy of all pages of your passport (this is safer as sometimes they ask for all pages). It may take 1-3 or more hours depending on whether the system is down.
    I have a canal corner semi-D in Bayou Water Village – unit D1, for rent or sale. Not blocked by any unit from front, back or side. Near the link bridge to the clubhouse. Call or email me if anyone is interested to view. Unit is currently fully furnished. June: 019-7885133, +65-90071911 or june@intellitrain.biz. Thanks.

    • Joyce said,

      How much you are looking at renting it?

  16. peter said,

    am interested in bungalow lots at precinct 6(Bayou grove) ; merbok creek; or polo view, in no particular order of preference.

  17. Suriani said,

    Hi all I just purchased a brand new 2-storey cluster house at Leisure Farm’s Pinggiran Bayou. It has 3 bedrooms and comes fully furnished. As with the other cluster homes in Leisure Farm, the area is gated and guarded by the Gurkha security guards at the entrance of Leisure Farm and again at each cluster homes, plus a clubhouse with all the usual amenities like swimming pool, gym, etc, plus security systems complete with panic button. The units there are bigger than the Bayou water village cluster homes, size is about 210sqm. I would like to rent it out. Rent is only SGD1500 per month but still negotiable, with monthly maintenance already included in rent price. If anyone is interested please email me at suriani_ishak@yahoo.com.sg. or SMS me at +6591275327.

  18. Viv said,

    hi there, I have a piece of bungalow land (about 1 acre, corner lot) at Leisure Farm for sale. Anyone interested, please email me at vivtneh@gmail.com

    • Lee TO said,

      Hi Viv
      Is your land still for sale? If so, please email me land size, location and price? I am looking for a plot. Thanks.

  19. max said,

    Hi all,

    I have a bungalow unit at Bayou Water Village for rent. It is facing the club house pool across the canal. Anyone interested, please email me at maxlee20@gmail.com.

    Thank you.

  20. Mok said,

    Hi All,

    I just purchased a 1900 sq. ft. 2 storey semi-d at Pinggiran Bayou Leisure Farm. It has 2 bedroom + 3 bathroom, and a rooftop garden that overlooks a river/canal. It will be available for rental in January. Fully furnished rental is RM3800/- per month. Interested parties please email me at hammok@starhub.net.sg


    • Anonymous said,

      I m looking to buy a unit at leisure farm . Anybody keen? Thks

      • Anonymous said,

        btw my name is Sam 🙂

  21. Valdez said,

    I am selling my semi d

    • Sun said,

      Hi Valdez, can u tell me more about your semi-d:
      which precinct? size? price?


    • Lee said,

      Hi Valdez, can you tell me more about your semi d? I have viewed one so far and am interested. Thank you, serious buyer

    • chakri said,

      Hi can you tell me more about your semi-d I am interested.

  22. Valdez said,

    Bayou creek. However will not be ready till beginning 2014

    • Adeline said,

      hi Valdez,

      How much would you want to sell ur semi-d in bayou creek?

  23. afrose said,

    Hi I am interested in getting a house at leisure farm or bayou creek. Anyone knows if there is one for sale? Thank you.

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