February 21, 2009

AdNotes: Nice Moo-ve, Marigold

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There are lots of ugly taxi ads on the road in Singapore, so it’s refreshing to find one that catches my eye in a good way.

Marigold Taxi Ad

Marigold Taxi Ad

I like that the black-and-white background makes the colourful milk cartons pop out in the design. This should promote visual recognition – I can see myself spotting them quite easily among the many different milk brands on the supermarket shelves.

Cow spots, while not exactly an original design motif, always seem fun and friendly, even warm. I love them, at any rate.

An ad which sells hard without being hard-sell. I approve!

September 4, 2008

AdNotes: Toilet Tales

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So, it was COMEX 2008 time last weekend. As usual, that computer fair was crowded. Exhausting just to fight against all the crowds. But my friends did get a few bargains.

And I spotted this:

It kinda fit in with my theme of advertising being EVERYWHERE these days. This particular idea, advertising the Panasonic Toughbook’s spillproof featureĀ  with a sticker ad right in the sink is actually quite clever. Of course, it’d be even better the product identifier is more prominent, nearer the tap instead of away, in the part of the ad not seen in this pic (Rather remiss of me, that, to not take the whole ad. My excuse? I was feeling really self-conscious pulling out my camera in the restroom. Note to self: stop worrying about people thinking you’re crazy to photograph the sink!!!)

July 25, 2008

AdNotes: Billboard in a not-so-expected place

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Good idea, this, turning the spaces between ATM kiosks into a giant billboard, like at this busy cluster of ATMs at IMM Jurong East. And this particular one is done tastefully, using a fashion concept and simple copy to give a classier look to the place.

Not too sure how effective it is from a marketing point of view, since it’s almost like wallpaper (and thus people may not really notice it). But from a more general communication point of view, I like it. Presents a professional, modern image for the bank.

ATM Kiosk at IMM Jurong East

ATM Kiosk at IMM Jurong East

But… ever get the uncomfortable feeling that one day every surface might be covered with advertising???