February 4, 2011

inSingapore: Shopping Trolley “Thieves”, or rather, “Borrowers”

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Now, I’ve heard of shopping trolleys being taken home by shoppers, leading to supermarkets having to send their staff to surrounding blocks to look for stray trolleys, and I’d seen these abandoned trolleys just left around the housing blocks. And I’ve always wondered: why haven’t I ever seen anyone wheeling their trolley home? Well, I finally spotted a family blithely pushing their trolley home today!!!

December 12, 2008

inSingapore: The Enlarged Jurong Point (Jurong Point 2)

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The extension to Jurong Point was opened to the public a couple of days ago. I took a quick look-around, and wow, it’s so huge, with so many “names” setting up shop here.

Slightly surreal to me, to be sure, when I think of how, just slightly over ten years ago, when we started living in Jurong West, and it was such a backwoods.

Now, can find so many of the same shops you find in the city areas. Jurong West has suddenly become much more attractive to live in.

Not that the shops themselves are exciting or different. They are much the same stores you’d find in many shopping malls in Singapore, but for those of us in Jurong, it’s certainly convenient not to have to make our way all the way to the city to find familiar brands. And it’s certainly a plus to have a wider choice of restaurants as well.

Shoppers checking out the extension to Jurong Point on opening day, Wednesday 10 December 200. It’s so large, it’s virtually another mall attached to the original structure (the space of the new “extension” is larger than the original Jurong Point)
new extension

What I like about the new extension is that it has the same sense of openness and light that you find in the older part. They’ll need to do something about the skylights over Starbucks and maybe a couple of other shops as well. At lunch-time, the sun makes certain areas HOT.

The only section I didn’t like — the part where they had a more Chinese theme. It feels too dark, closed and old-fashioned. Maybe the area will have a better ambience when Fairprice Xtra opens its doors.

If you’re planning to visit, though, be prepared for quite a few shops to be still in the process of setting up, with workers busily putting in furniture and fittings. It may be wise to wait a few days more before venturing to the shopping centre.

October 14, 2008

inSingapore: Jurong Central Park come the weekend

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I’ve really come to appreciate Jurong Central Park. It offers such a contrast to what’s on the other side — the busy MRT/Bus Interchange (or I should say, extremely, extremely busy) and Jurong Point (extremely, extremely crowded).

It’s a good place to visit on the weekend. Just seeing all the people there, relaxing, exercising, playing… makes me feel calmer, happier.

One of the few “busy” intersections at Jurong Central Park:

The “river” beside Jurong Central Park, little more than a canal, really, where you can often observe people fishing. These men are fishing using very fine nets strung across the canal:

Foreign workers used to gather at the MRT and Bus interchange (just across the road from the park), and still do:

However, many are spending their time enjoying picnics, or just walking with friends, at the park:

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July 7, 2008

inSingapore: more on bicycles in Boon Lay

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Spotted this sign outside Jurong West Community LIbrary yesterday.
Guess I’m not the only one noticing that people are parking their bicycles everywhere and every which way around Boon Lay MRT station!

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