October 9, 2008

Clay Aiken encourages all to pledge to UNICEF

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Clay is fronting another appeal for UNICEF, urging everyone to come together to help stop preventable child deaths:

Did you know that approximately 25,000 children die each day before their fifth birthday, largely due to preventable causes? Thanks to organizations like UNICEF this number is getting smaller every day. Last year, the number of child deaths worldwide declined to about 9.2 million. In 1990, that number was 12.7 million. That’s definite progress, but that number should be zero.

To find out how to donate to UNICEF, check out the rest of Clay’s blog at:


September 10, 2008

Clay Aiken encourages all to join in the fight against malaria

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Clay Aiken appears in another video for UNICEF.

He talks about how insecticide treated bednets provided by UNICEF are being used to protect children from malaria in Somalia in a new video for Unicef.

And, how, if you donate now, Malaria No More will match your donations.

For the video, go here:

UNICEF Field Notes — Clay Aiken: Give the Gift of Growing Up

July 23, 2008

Clay Aiken’s UNICEF field trip blog #3 : Kenya

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Clay Aiken calls for Kenya’s kids to return to school

Turns out Clay visited Kenya as well as Somalia on his recent field trip for UNICEF. His blog details the plight of displaced children there. Many schools have been destroyed, so it’s quite a task getting children back to schools.

Clay writes:

Although many schools were re-opened, far fewer children are turning up for class than before. And classes are taking place in schools that have been completely destroyed. I saw children sitting on rocks and bricks—which used to make up the foundations and roofs of their schools—using them now as desks and chairs.

Fortunately, this was not the situation everywhere. In most IDP camps, UNICEF has provided classroom tents and School-in-a-Box kits, along with teaching and learning materials, and even desks and chairs.

(Source: UNICEF Fieldnotes blog – link to complete blog here)

July 16, 2008

Clay Aiken’s UNICEF blog on Somalia #2

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Clay writes a second blog post for UNICEF Fieldnotes — “Somalia: Keep spreading the word”

He gives more specifics on what UNICEF is doing there,
and mentions how much the donations to UNICEF are appreciated:

And, I applaud you too. Since my previous blog post, you have donated over $50,000 for children Somalia. On behalf of these children, I can’t thank you enough. But I also challenge you to not stop now… encourage your friends and family as well. Ask them to learn more about UNICEF’s work in Somalia and around the world, and cheer them on to help out too!

For rest of blog, go here: http://fieldnotes.unicefusa.org/2008/07/somalia_keep_spreading_the_wor.html

[Note: for Clay’s first UNICEF Fieldnotes blog, go to: http://fieldnotes.unicefusa.org/2008/07/where_is_the_outrage_1.html]

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