July 7, 2008

inSingapore: more on bicycles in Boon Lay

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Spotted this sign outside Jurong West Community LIbrary yesterday.
Guess I’m not the only one noticing that people are parking their bicycles everywhere and every which way around Boon Lay MRT station!

July 4, 2008

inSingapore: bicycles everywhere, near Boon Lay MRT station

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I remember discussing with my friend some years ago, that I never see people riding bicycles near Boon Lay MRT station. Ironic, because now they’re everywhere! Chained to convenient fencing/railings, seats for waiting passengers (as in photo below), lamp posts, and even trees!!!

This rise in the number of cyclists has kinda crept up on me. Guess it must have happened as more and more flats around the MRT station were completed, and people who moved in found it convenient to cycle to catch the MRT or Bus, or to shop at Jurong Point (the nearby shopping centre).

The way the bicycles are parked are starting to look a bit haphazard/messy. But I actually quite like seeing so many bicycles around. Makes the community seem more homely somehow. Guess I’m still a kampung girl at heart.