July 8, 2008

I’ve been writing on Hubpages for one month, and…

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Hard to believe, but it’s been one month since I’ve been writing on Hubpages. And honestly, I didn’t think I would, but I’m really starting to enjoy it there, particularly since I discovered a few really good writers there.

Like CJ Stone who wrote this hub,  On HubPages I Don’t Write For Money, I Write For Love. I agree with him. What you earn on Hubpages is virtually nothing, but it’s worth it for the fact that you can write exactly what you want.  It’s an outlet where you can share with others what’s important to you, what you believe in, what you find interesting.

Then there’s Bob Ewing, who writes hubs about gardening, and dandelions and other weeds as food, like in this hub, Weeds For Dinner- Recipes. I love the back-to-the-roots viewpoint he brings to his articles.

Shadesbreath makes great points in articles like 10 Steps to a Perfect Scam: How cults and pyramid schemes work the same. It’s also stimulating to read the subsequent discussions.

And I can’t help but be amused by articles like this one from marisuewrites: Do You Suffer From Hippopotomonstrosesqippedaliophobia?

So, yeah, I’m glad I stuck around there. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found these writers.

I would have stopped at the hubs (ie articles) with photos of hot, sexy women *cringe* and run away.

Another type of hub I try to stay away from is hubs on religion. I ventured into one the other day, and I think it’s put me off reading another one for a long, long time. It’s upsetting to me when I see how people abuse the internet to write opinions on other religions which have no foundation in fact or logic. Smacks of intolerance, and arrogance, and yet articles like these get to stay because of the principle of freedom of speech. But that’s one of the disadvantages of the internet, isn’t it? It provides a forum for the gossip-mongers, the controversy-seekers, the extremists. Sadly, these are the very people attracing a lot of attention from internet denizens, while the voices of reason and moderation get ignored.

June 17, 2008

More Chinese Recipes from the Any-Old-How Cook

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A while ago, I wrote about our family’s “Pork Ribs with Potato and Tomato Soup” in Any-Old-How Cook goes Ga-Ga Over Potatoes

Well, today, I decided to add a couple more recipes to that one, family favourites like ‘Steamed Pork with Salted Egg’ and  ‘Salted Brandy Chicken’ , and put it all together in a hubpage titled Chinese dishes you don’t serve your guests.

June 5, 2008

Been trying out Hubpages this week

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Last week, I wrote about how I was  kinda obsessed with creating Squidoo pages in my blog post here. This week, I found out that there’s a site very similar to Squidoo called Hubpages, so I decided to try it out as well.

In the interest of experimentation, I created two ‘Hubs’ there:

1) Must-Have Appliances for the Chinese Kitchen; and

2) Money Diet for the Shopping Lover

… and I’m definitely finding that I enjoy the process of creating pages at Squidoo more. Probably because Squidoo actually has more formatting set for headers and sub-heads, so the pages look more lively. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that when I was trying out Squidoo, I was creating pages on Clay (Aiken) 😉

One noticeable difference: I find that the hubs on Hubpages tend to be more like articles or blogs; whereas the types of modules available on Squidoo (and formatting options) encourage you to structure your pieces more like a website or page.

One feature I do really like at Hubpages is that it has a section for ‘Requests’ from other users, essentially questions that you can answer by creating a new ‘Hub’. Very useful if you love writing, and want to write, but are at a loss as to what topic to start with.

I will probably continue writing both at Squidoo and Hubpages now that I’ve discovered them. They let you write what are essentially short articles on specific topics, and I’m enjoying doing that.