September 25, 2009

Singapore Idol: Syltra Lee Out, Lucked Out!

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So Syltra Lee was the one eliminated this week, victim of a phone voting system that seems to be eliminating some of the more talented singers. But, in Syltra’s case, I think she got lucky.

I saw her in the Top 24 show, and she exuded genuineness, style, attitude and personality. Fast forward to this week, and whoa, she’s been made over into this muppet of a pop star. The overdone lashes and those lips… that’s not make-up, that’s caricature. And she was being encouraged to change even further, to appeal to the masses! Syltra was probably fortunate to get out before they ironed all the personality out of her.

Makeovers are great when they serve to enhance or highlight the essence of who a person is. However, to encourage people to transform into something they’re not, that’s just wrong, cruel even. Ken advising Fathin to turn into Lady Gaga? Ridiculous! She doesn’t come across as someone with a natural flamboyance and love of dramatics. That makeover would be a disaster. Fathin has the vocal chops, let her shine with her voice alone.