October 13, 2009

Nusa Idaman in Nusajaya — not bad at all

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Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to go check out more properties in Johor, this time courtesy of UEM, which organised a Hari Raya Open House at Nusajaya Centre complete with convenient pick-up from Jurong Point (well, convenient for us, anyway, since we live nearby). 

Quite a bit of effort had obviously been made. Food was plentiful — noodles, satay, lemang, rendang, desserts. They even laid on live singing. And of course there were booths displaying their various developments. 

In addition to group tours providing an overview of Nusajaya, visitors could sign up to be taken to specific developments and showhouses. Just a slight criticism: They should have stationed sales staff at the show houses. Every time we had a query, we were asked to take it up with the sales and marketing staff back at Nusajaya Centre.

The developments we looked at:

View from balcony of 'Courtyard Homes' showhouse

View from balcony of 'Courtyard Homes' showhouse

 The show house for the NUSA IDAMAN “Courtyard Homes” was shown to us as part of the general overview tour of Nusajaya. We found out later that this particular phase is virtually sold out. Still, if this  is typical of homes in Nusa Idaman, I must say I find it quite attractive. The home is spacious with living, dining and kitchen having an open feel. There is also a decent-sized bedroom on the ground floor for elderly family members, or for guests. Certainly a development worth checking out for those interested in medium-cost housing (price starts  RM325K from what  we were told). 

Courtyard Homes showhouse - internal courtyardCourtyard Homes showhouse – internal courtyard, the unique feature here.







Courtyard Home - bathroom

Courtyard Homes showhouse – bathroom [Quick note: The bathroom was interesting to me because I thought it was immediately revealing of the fact that this is a medium-cost development. Seems to me that the developer could have done a better job with tiles/fittings to give a classier feel.  ]




What’s also positive about Nusa Idaman is that it is not far from amenities. There’s a large shopping mall not too far away in Bukit Indah, and I could see established shops and businesses along the road to this development.

I would still be cautious about buying though. Apparently, quite a large percentage of homes have been sold to Singaporeans. Does that mean that many of the homes will remain vacant, or come to life only on weekends? I like quiet, but will it be too quiet? Also, given the large number of homes being built in Nusajaya, it may be difficult to resell the house later on if you change your mind about staying there.


Showhouses (2 bungalows) at East Ledang

Showhouses (2 bungalows) at East Ledang

Moving to EAST LEDANG, their upscale development, bungalows start at RM 2.1 million, and twin villas start from RM 1.1 million.  Definitely luxurious, though it looks to me like the homes are built very close together — small garden spaces. Best part for me were the master bedrooms which were generally large, with dressing rooms and good-sized bathrooms. Nice!

View from one of the bungalows

 View from one of the bungalows







And… since the show units for UJANA executive apartments were just across the road from Nusajaya Centre where the Open House was held, we thought we might as well have a quick look as well. Not very impressive. The interior design was  generic, like stepping into a hotel room. And there was nothing unique in the way the apartments were laid out as well.
Having said that, I must say that I immediately liked the Type B unit (one bedroom + one study).  It feels roomy and comfy,  ideal for singles.  Price: RM290K – 330K. Maintenance: about RM360 per month.


  1. PCk said,

    Recently i bought a house at Nusa Idaman,but i regret with the standard of the material used.
    Value for the price u paid,i would give around 30%.
    Crack on the wall,
    Water leaking from the roof.
    Poor plastering of the Wall,particularly plug point area.
    Security guards not in proper discipline.
    And more to said.
    Pls do a research with the current occuplying resident before purchasing a unit.

    • progetlee said,

      The Nusa Idaman is not that Bad , the management are new and developer is good . Just the management dun noe how to take care of it . But now , I can see the different coz the Quality of the material their use even better than other developer , the price conseider quite Fair.

  2. myrlinn said,

    That bad? Just wondering… have you complained to the developer, and how responsive were they?

  3. sze said,

    I bought the Courtyard Home at Nusa Idaman…will be getting the keys in 6 mths time…

    • myrlinn said,

      Hi Sze, thanks for visiting. Hope you’ll come back again once you’ve settled into your home, and let us know how you find living in Nusa Idaman.

    • Anonymous said,


      What do you do with the courtyard?
      Do you cover the top?

    • JY said,

      I also bought a unit there…

  4. sze said,

    Hi Anonymous,

    That particular phase is called “Courtyard Home” all intermediate houses is attached with indoor courtyard (garden). Covering is not necessary…

    • Anonymous said,


      How do you ensure safety?
      Do you have any suggestions?

  5. Suhaimi said,

    Hi Sze and JY, I have also brought a unit there too…

  6. sze said,

    Salam Suhaimi & hi JY

    Nice to hear that we will be neighbours soon…

  7. James said,

    Hi There,

    I also bought a unit there at Precint 6, Impiana…I can say comparing so many new “taman” out there in skudai area, the material which they use are quite solid…..

  8. Benny said,


    I am looking around that area, Nusa Idama, east ledang for retirement. Just started doing research. How much is the link house there cost?

    Not looking for too big a place but nice resort feel type and low maintainance and cleaning :).


  9. sze said,

    Hi Benny

    Start July 2010, S’porean can only buy houses above rm500k.

  10. chan said,

    Any EAST LEDANG owner here ?

    what’s the current market price for the duplex houses ? (phase 1)

    heard that EAST LEDANG is the best at nusajaya. true ?

    many thanks.

  11. ah beng said,

    not so bad

  12. jumat said,

    i bought 5 units of court yard 2.

  13. roger said,

    Hi all,

    I am very interested in getting a home myself and family in nusa idaman.

    Anyone can share some idea of how its like?

    i am planning either to rent or buy a unit there as it is near to the 2nd link as i plan to travel to singapore daily for work.

  14. myricfinas said,

    hai..i bought a unit there too.dont noe when will we get the keys.

  15. myricfinas said,

    hai..btw..if we already started to stay there and we got no transport..any idea whether is it safe for us to call a taxi there to fetch us .

    • ayu said,

      Nusa Idaman have apply with the public transportation, due to small population by now, the bus has not go in yet.

      By the way, u can have the Taxi number from Jusco Bukit Indah where there’s have many taxi there. I think the cost should be less then RM10 (if just from Jusco Bkt Indah to Nusa idaman)

  16. ayu said,

    Hai all,

    Waaah got some feedback here. =)
    I’m Ayu.. maybe some of the house owner know me. 🙂
    please let me know if u all have any enquirers bout Nusa Idaman.
    I’ll try to answer.. but still the Q in beyond my limit.

    By the way, Nusa Idaman will launch new courtyard due to high demand for this type of property.

    Have a nice day.

    • Linda said,

      Hi Ayu,

      I wish to rent a place at Nusa Idaman. Anybody that you know want to rent their new house to anybody?

    • Siti wakeeman said,

      Salam ayu
      I think u know me,security system is my issue right
      now we are sharing with precinct 5.( my house @ 7b) I just want to know why must we shared gated and guarded with others. hope UEM can explained to us about the security issue in order to be safer place to stay at NUSA IDAMAN…

  17. Lee said,

    Hi Ayu

    How do you find the 2 1/2 story semi-d which they’d launch and is being build now in precint 4?

    It’s being build on higher ground facing the hill & forest reserve. Contemplating to get a unit there, pls share any comment you may have.

    By the way which precint will more Courtyard homes be built & launch…


  18. Ms_Chong said,

    Hello everybody,
    I wish to sell my nusa idaman house at precint 5. The environment here is very nice. Just that we find it a bit far away from my mother’s house at Skudai area. Every morning we have to send my daugther to my mother’s house and fetch her back at night. So if possible, we wish to buy a new house nearer to my mother’s house.

    If anyone is interested, please contact me at +65-92960024 or +6012-7705296.

    Have a good day!
    Ms Chong.

    • Tennya Kua said,

      Hi Ms. Chong,

      Which precinct is your house in 5A or 5B? Also, may I just ask your asking price?

    • rohayah said,

      Hi Ms Chong,

      How much is your asking price

    • Anonymous said,

      How much you are asking ?

    • Anonymous said,

      how much is your asking price ?

  19. Re said,

    Avoid getting house from Nusa Idaman, especially new house. They have poor management and always make empty promise. We had bad experience dealing with them! AVOID NUSA IDAMAN HOUSE!!!

  20. Sze said,

    Hi all,

    I have recently shifted (May) to my unit – Courtyard Precint 6B. So far there is no major problem, the developers are quick to respond to my query and rectify the problems immediately.

    At this moment I am happy & glad that I have bought a unit there but hope something can be done about the stray dogs.

    Hi Ayu, what can the developers do about the stray dogs?

    oh ya, last Sat, a friend of mine bought precint 7, at rm588K


  21. shah said,

    Still waiting for the keys (Phase 5A). Does anybody knows when the developer will hand over the keys?

  22. sra said,

    Hi Ayu,
    Can you share about the new developments of Nusa Idaman?
    I am looking ard to buy a unit.

  23. Untie rose said,

    Hi ayu do u know about new prase nusa idaman lunch semi. D which i heard near the surau

  24. myrlinn said,

    I’ve a new post on Idaman Residence here: https://crookedturret.wordpress.com/2015/08/15/idaman-residence-at-nusa-idaman-johor/

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