July 16, 2008

Clay Aiken’s UNICEF blog on Somalia #2

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Clay writes a second blog post for UNICEF Fieldnotes — “Somalia: Keep spreading the word”

He gives more specifics on what UNICEF is doing there,
and mentions how much the donations to UNICEF are appreciated:

And, I applaud you too. Since my previous blog post, you have donated over $50,000 for children Somalia. On behalf of these children, I can’t thank you enough. But I also challenge you to not stop now… encourage your friends and family as well. Ask them to learn more about UNICEF’s work in Somalia and around the world, and cheer them on to help out too!

For rest of blog, go here: http://fieldnotes.unicefusa.org/2008/07/somalia_keep_spreading_the_wor.html

[Note: for Clay’s first UNICEF Fieldnotes blog, go to: http://fieldnotes.unicefusa.org/2008/07/where_is_the_outrage_1.html]


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