October 14, 2008

inSingapore: Jurong Central Park come the weekend

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I’ve really come to appreciate Jurong Central Park. It offers such a contrast to what’s on the other side — the busy MRT/Bus Interchange (or I should say, extremely, extremely busy) and Jurong Point (extremely, extremely crowded).

It’s a good place to visit on the weekend. Just seeing all the people there, relaxing, exercising, playing… makes me feel calmer, happier.

One of the few “busy” intersections at Jurong Central Park:

The “river” beside Jurong Central Park, little more than a canal, really, where you can often observe people fishing. These men are fishing using very fine nets strung across the canal:

Foreign workers used to gather at the MRT and Bus interchange (just across the road from the park), and still do:

However, many are spending their time enjoying picnics, or just walking with friends, at the park:

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