May 5, 2008

Let your camera open your eyes

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I will never be a really serious photographer, but recently, I decided to ‘borrow’ my brother’s digital camera, and bring it everywhere with me, just to see what happens.

And it’s been an eye-opener. There are so many people, places, things that I usually don’t really look at as I go about my daily activities. But with camera in hand, even the commonplace yields special moments. It’s surprisingly therapeutic.

I’ve found that it’s a gift to be able to capture unique glimpses of your friends. And to be at the right place at  just the right time to take a good picture? That’s like an unexpected treat.

Photo below was taken at Expo MRT (commuter train) station, Singapore. Still don’t know what plant this is (let me know if you do), but the broad leaves, and the beauty of the sun shining on (and through) them, caught my eye.