July 20, 2008

So I went to see The Dark Knight yesterday…

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So yesterday was one of my very infrequent jaunts to the movies. And The Dark Knight didn’t disappoint – worth a watch if only to watch Heath Ledger as The Joker. The fight scenes were excellent as well, relying on quick action by Batman, rather than on glitzy special effects.

Warning if you haven’t watched the movie, there may be spoilers ahead.

The Great

Heath Ledger as the Joker. He definitely made the show. Ledger made the character real, and therefore believable and much more sinister. This is a role that could easily have been overplayed, but Ledger just managed to toe the line between manic and over-the-top. I like it that the Joker really made the point of the eternal struggle between good and evil that’s such a huge part of what comic book heroes are about.

And I really must commend whoever did the make-up for The Joker. The way the Joker’s face was painted on contributed a lot to the character.

The Good

Aaron Eckhart as Dent. Another good acting performance. He was particularly believeable as the earnest Dent. But the character itself (not Aaron Eckhart’s acting) lost its lustre when Dent turning bad — it happened too fast. My brother told me, though, that in the original comic series, that transformation from the heroic Dent to the demented Two-Face happened much more slowly, caused by the pain of his injuries and the painkillers he was taking for that. That would have made much more sense.

The Disappointing

Christian Bale as Batman. What a disappointment. The way Christian Bale portrayed Bruce Wayne, I thought 007 had stepped into the wrong movie!  I don’t like his interpretation of Batman, all suave and smooth. And his acting did not have emotional depth in key scenes like when he questioned whether Batman who is supposed to eliminate evil, is causing it instead, when Rachel died, and when Dent/Two-Face died. That Darth Vader voice that came out of him in his Batman persona didn’t help either. I understand why he’d want to disguise his voice, but couldn’t his voice just come out just different but still normal. All in all, I felt that in this movie,  with both Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart eclipsing Christian Bale in their acting, Batman/Bruce Wayned came out looking like a supporting role.