May 8, 2010

Sometimes timing is everything

Posted in Musings at 10:27 pm by myrlinn

Today, I went to a department store to check out the bath towels on sale. So, I arrived, and they had just the type I liked at a great price, except that I really wanted dark-coloured ones. When asked, the salesperson blithely assured me that all the colours available are already on display. Disappointed, I left to go to the supermarket. Imagine my surprise, when passing by the same place later, there were now dark grey ones. Apparently, the excuse is that they just took a huge box of new stock out of the storeroom. And I just happened to pass by at the right moment!

The same thing happened to me at the supermarket, actually. I wanted to get some mangoes, and I arrived just as they were restocking the bin. So I managed to find really terrific, large ones (they’re priced according to quantity, not weight, so there’s an advantage to being able to find larger ones).

Isn’t it nice when things fall into place for you like that?

(And, if they don’t, I’ve learnt over the years not to sweat it. Sometimes, it’s better to wait out a situation, or turn your attention to something else. When the time is right, everything will fall into place. Respect God’s timing.)


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