December 19, 2009

Avatar 3D: Amazing visuals, with 1D plot

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I haven’t watched movies in a long time. Somehow,lost the interest for it. So, it was fortuitous that a friend offered me a free ticket to see 2012, where I saw the trailer for Avatar. So for the first time in years, I was eagerly anticipating the opening of a movie!!!

And Avatar was just as I expected — visually stunning. The forest, the flora and the native fauna were so beautifully rendered. What a treat. And a lucky thing too that the visuals were so superb, because the plot and characters were 1D, or if you want to be kind, 2D. So predictable, without nuances which is perhaps not so surprising given that the entire movie seems focused towards showcasing 3D. In that, the movie succeeds really well. I was impressed by the fact that the facial expressions of the avatars were almost realistic, rather than cartoonish.

One mistake we made — we decided to go check out the iWerks theatre at Singapore Discovery Centre.  It was not too far from our home, and the price was lower than other theatres ie $7.  But I was not impressed by the theatre. The screen didn’t look 5 storeys high. Must be a VERY short 5 storeys.  And the seats were not that comfortable. The theatre had a rather basic feel to it.

Also, at the end, the staff annoyingly switched on all the lights too early, while the screen was still showing screnes of Pandora together with the closing credits. If  they needed to turn on lights to allow people who are eager to get out, then they should switch on dimmer lights or less lights.

Also not too sure if the 3D is the best, not having been to see the movie in other theatres. But there were points when I felt dizzy, and my brother could tell that the 3D images were not well integrated, so…



  1. Elizabeth said,

    You probably felt dizzy because of the blue color of their skin. My father said that you were not mean to look at a lot of blue.

  2. myrlinn said,

    I don’t think that’s it, because I felt really dizzy at specific points in the show. That’s interesting, your father’s comment about not looking at a lot of blue, coz I find that the most soothing colour to look at. Maybe because I associate it with water, and I love water.

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