August 13, 2009

inSingapore: Singapore Science Centre

Posted in Travel and Culture tagged , , , at 3:50 pm by myrlinn

I last visited the Singapore Science Centre decades ago, so it’d been on my mind to visit it again. Finally made it there a few days ago, and to be honest, found it a little worn round the edges. Must be quite a job maintaining so many exhibits especially over a busy National Day weekend, but still, it was surprising to find quite a few not working in each section.

The exhibits which used infra-red technology to detect your hands and other objects (in the i-Space section focusing on Info-comm technology) were the most fun and impressive for me. It was good fun to be able to move my hands in the air and get the computer to do things. it’s not as easy to manipulate the ‘cursor’ as what you see in the movies, but hey, it works. I also thought the fish pond which ripples when you move your hands over it was really pretty.

Another exhibit which has definite potential to be a crowd pleaser — a program which shows you what you look like at various ages. It would actually be worthwhile for the centre to scout round for a program which does an even better job than the current one, visitors will surely line up for that! Personally, I’d love for this to be part of a section dedicated to forensic science, which will, I think have mass appeal as well given the popularity of the CSI series.

All in all, the Science Centre was well worth the admission fee. I can imagine young kids enjoying the interactive exhibits, and being inspired by them. This is one place which deserves to be well-funded so that the best ideas and concepts are developed and implemented. A place which translates science into fun, interactive exhibits which inspire and teach — surely no price can be placed on the value of that.


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