May 5, 2009

inSingapore: The mandarin musical “If There’re Seasons”

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So last Saturday, I went to see a Mandarin musical!

Someone couldn’t go at the last minute, and offered me the ticket. It’s free??? Of course I’ll go! Which is how I ended up with my very first experience of a mandarin musical – “If There’re Seasons” (at the Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building)

Other than the challenge of trying to read the English subtitles at the same time as watching the action on stage, I rather enjoyed it.

The best part? The lyrics to the songs. Not knowing mandarin, I’d never really paid attention to the lyrics of chinese songs.  But with the subtitles, I could appreciate their sophistication.

I was also very impressed with the female lead, Joanna Dong. She was excellent vocally, and was charismatic on stage.

At 3 hours (including intermission), I found the musical a bit too long, particularly with it being packed with love ballads. There were moments in the middle when it felt like a concert (with interpretive performances), or a showcase of xinyao songs, rather than a musical.

The plot was also pretty simple, so on that front, there was again no justification for having so many scenes/songs.


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