April 16, 2009

Talent is so much more magical when it’s unexpected

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So this week, I was reading the message boards, and I came across this:

Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent 2009 (Audition)


It’s so lovely when we stumble across something unexpected like this… when magic comes out from someone who looks as ordinary-looking at her. What a doll she is in terms of personality too.

One commentator wrote that it’s kinda like when we saw Clay Aiken on American Idol. And that’s true – it’s something special to see someone succeed when we don’t expect from them.

Clay Aiken – American Idol 2 (Audition)


Looking at these performances actually gave me some insight into why I find this year’s American Idol especially unappealing – this year, there’s no unlikely idol in sight. I actually felt relieved this week to see Anoop Desai doing well with Everything I Do.


It does the heart good to see someone who’s had quite a rough time of it finally get everything together. He looked really comfortable up there, and I thought that his voice was really nice at that key.

And since I’m posting, I guess I might as well mention my thoughts on the other idols this year:

* Adam Lambert is being way over-praised — he’s coming across too theatrical, too practised. Amazing range, though I’m not that into the tone of his voice.

* Ditto for Danny Gokey. He’s good, but as good as the judges make out? I don’t think so.

* Poor Lil and Matt, especially Lil. Trying too hard to please the judges, and twisting themselves in knots as a result.

* Allison Iraheta. I personally don’t enjoy the timbre of her voice that much, but I can see that she’s talented. I’m so glad she’s survived this far.

* Kris Allen. I’m neutral on his voice, it’s nice, not amazing. But he’s there doing his thing week after week, and he seems to be so himself. I’d like to see him find his niche in the recording industry post-Idol.


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