March 5, 2009

Words I’m starting to despise (because of American Idol)

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So I was watching AI8 performance show this week, and I realised that the judges’ comments are irritating the heck out of me this season. I’m beginning to hate hearing these words and phrases:

* package (artist)
* relevant
* type of recording artist
* who you are as an artist
* not a perfect vocal BUT… you made me feel
* wrong song choice

Not that these comments are not valid, but the repetition of these over and over again takes away from what I used to love about American Idol… that you have contestants with great vocals, and that contestants are urged to strive for that. That’s what made AI unique and compelling.

Now, everything is muddied so much by the seemingly high weightage given to whether the contestants have the right image, whether they can meld into the contemporary pop market, whether contestants have personality. All of which may be important in the broader music market. But really unimportant to me who just wants great singers who make me enjoy their music.



  1. That’s the problem with reality music shows and manufactured artists, it’s all about the product. The art is being sucked out of it. It’s a shame to see such a show getting so much hype. I have to wonder sometimes whether American Idol has affected the music business (I use that term to encompass anything related to the world of professional music) in a positive way or not.

    American Idol turns it all into a formula for the public to observe. It’s obvious based on the repetition of the phrases that you noted that it’s so watered down that the feedback is worthless.

    I just bury my head in my hands and forge on with the art of music and hope that someday it will still matter.

  2. myrlinn said,

    Of course it matters — carry on! There are lots of us here that appreciate artists that bring something different to the table. In a way, that’s why American Idol was so special in the earlier seasons. It brought back us back to the era of musicians with outstanding vocal ability, at a time when pop has been dominated by more processed sounds.

    Being an AI fan has become a habit after so many seasons following it, but I’ve been rather disappointed by the direction this season. They’ve given chances for TV time to singers who they obviously don’t see actually winning American Idol, people like Nick Mitchell and Tatiana. What a waste of slots which could have been given to other singers to prove their mettle. Sigh…

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