March 5, 2009

American Idol Wildcards: Tatiana? You gotta be kidding!

Posted in Television tagged , , , , at 8:19 pm by myrlinn

Don’t get me wrong. I thought Tatiana did a fine job in her semi-final group, and I actually admired her for not giving in when the judges were trying to egg her on to be crazy.

But a spot in the wildcard? It seems like she’s just a filler here, put in just so that the media and bloggers like me have something to write about.

As for who will actually make it through, from what I see, the judges already favour Megan Corkrey and Anoop Desai so I would guess they’ve got the edge here.

What I hope is that Rick Braddy really hits it out of the ballpark. Low-key guy, but I like that. That’s when it’s all about the singing and the music. And not who can generate more column inches in the media.


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