March 2, 2009

inSingapore: Will recession boon be a baby boom?

Posted in Musings tagged , at 7:24 am by myrlinn

We’ve been hearing for weeks now from various members of the Singapore government that the downturn will be severe and prolonged. Yet every cloud has a silver lining, right?

It occurs to me that prices are already coming down for many items, a good thing for older people living on their savings.

And, from a chat with friends the other day, it occurs to me that that maybe the downturn could motivate more people to have babies as well, a goal that the Singapore government has been trying to attain in the past few year’s with Budget incentives.

The conversation:

Friend A: My colleague just told me she resigned. To take a break, and try to have a baby.

Friend B: Good time to do so. The opportunity cost is less now that we are unlikely to get increments no matter now hard we work.

It will be interesting to see if figures next year show an uptick in babies.


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