December 26, 2008

A Christmas without a Clay Aiken concert

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… makes fans think of what else but a Clay Aiken concert! At least that’s what it did for my friend tribeca who has quite a gift for telling a story. Excerpted from from her blog post, “How Clay Aiken Made Us Cry“:

Since we don’t have a Christmas tour this year I felt like posting a story about Clay’s Christmas concert I attended last year…

Then Clay came on stage to sing  “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”.  That’s when my mind started to drift.  I started thinking about my Grandfather who died on Christmas day the year before.  This is when Jesse tapped  me on my on shoulder and said “What’s wrong?” and she pointed at the women sitting on the other side of her who was sobbing.   Jesse was rubbing her on the shoulder asking her if she was okay.  The woman said “this made me think of my dad who died around Christmas” soon the whole row was in tears.  My niece just kept rubbing that lady’s shoulder telling her it would be okay.  When that woman said “it’s okay.  I am okay.”  All of us in that row were strangers but we shared something that night.

When I went to work the next day my boss Kathleen asked me about the concert.  I started telling her this story about how we all cried.  Kathleen started crying saying how it reminded her of her mom.  Than I started crying again.   My assistant manager ,  Nancy ,came in the office and said “What’s the matter?” and I answered “I wa a s just tell ing a a a about the con con concert”

Nancy said “what kind of concert was this?”

What kind of concert indeed?


Not Clapping during Church Performances?

Talking about Christmas performances, I was rather startled this Christmas to find that the church (Bible-Presbyterian) we just started going to doesn’t allow clapping after choir performances.

The reason? They want the congregation to remember that the music is to glorify God, not the performers.

I find myself thinking though: aren’t the performers’ talents’ god-given? And if you clap, aren’t you applauding God’s works?

And I find myself wondering why the church would institute such a rule. Is it a reaction to the types of services popular in some new churches where music, song and dance has become entertainment for the congregation?


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