October 5, 2008

Clay Aiken is gay, no need for comment from me, his blog says it all

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Well, I have refrained from writing in my blog over the whole Clay reveals he’s gay in last week’s issue of People magazine. I was one of those who thought he was likely not gay, but don’t feel any different at all now that I know he is. So it wasn’t because I was upset or anything.

It was more the feeling that I didn’t really feel right adding too much to comments about something which I believe an individual has the right to keep private. And I was also thinking that, by adding too much to the comments, it would be making more of the fact that Clay’s gay than it really deserves (Having said that, can I just say that I do understand why some may feel confused/conflicted, and respect their right to feel that way).

I’ve thought for a while now that in the final analysis, what will matter in the long-term will be Clay’s own words and actions over the long-term, not any comments or thoughts that I might have. And his latest blog post, which can now be read at the CONCLAYVE, proves just that.

One more thing: I hope that the fan reaction to Clay revealing he’s gay (majority supportive) paves the way for people to see that Clay fans are diverse. Fans have been, for a long time now, I think, unfairly painted with too broad a brush. This is something that got my friend tribeca so frustrated that she posted in her American Idol blog that “My thoughts are mine”


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