September 22, 2008

TV Themes on Emmys? Sure makes me think of Clay Aiken…

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I’m definitely majorly biased, but I think Clay has the perfect personality and voice to carry off a TV Theme medley.

TV Theme medley from Clay’s concert in 2007:




  1. Katy said,

    Clay Aiken did a great job on the tv medleys, very entertaining. Josh, not so much.

  2. anonymous said,

    I definitely agree Clay did a great job on the tv meledys, yeppers he does have the
    perfect personality and voice to carry off tv theme medely.

  3. ivy said,

    Thanks for posting the TV medleys from 2007. Clay Aiken did a fabulous job.

  4. LovesClaysVoice said,

    Clay did a great job with this medley! He always makes me smile! The vocals on Perfect Strangers is perfection!!

  5. pat said,

    Josh is a good singer, but I thought he looked rather awkward and out of his element. Clay’s medley was much more entertaining and fun.

  6. Deona said,

    Yeah, Clay’s tv medley was a blast!

  7. clayam said,

    Josh has a good voice…. but I am not his fan.
    Love Clay’s voice and his personality! He was so great last summer, I would go to a Clay concert anytime anywhere.

  8. VoxAngelicus said,

    Josh sounds good on more operatice material; his voice didn’t seem to be a good fit for the TV medley on the Emmy Awards. I greatly prefer the TV medley that Clay Aiken performed during his 2007 Soft Rock and a Hard Place Tour. Clay’s medley was fun!

  9. myrlinn said,

    honestly, I love listening to Josh Groban and was really looking forward to seeing him, but you’re right, VoxAngelicus, that TV medley was a mismatch for him stylistically.

    And I think they tried to squeeze to many different themes into the medley, so each bit was too short, and that made it even more awkward.

  10. jeann11 said,

    Now that is ENTERTAINMENT!

  11. toby's mom said,

    Too bad they didn’t have Clay do the TV medley last night. He is much more suited to this kind of entertainment and could have gotten the audience involved a little more. I was actually a little embarrassed for Josh.

  12. Linda said,

    I’ve seen Clay do the TV theme medley in concert & I saw Josh Groban last night on the emmys.

    It would seem to me that Clay was certainly forward thinking since doing the TV medley was something he came up with to entertain concert goers last summer. He did them extremely well ….. it was one of the highlights of the show.

    Josh did them well also …. showed a side of himself that I’ve never seen, but I couldn’t help feeling just a little melancholy watching Josh do what Clay did so well.

  13. skye258 said,

    Clay Aiken was so funny doing those tv medleys!! Funny, talented man.

  14. Beth said,

    Josh Groban appeared to be a bit uncomfortable and his voice, more trained and classical, didn’t quite fit the tv medleys. Clay Aiken was so natural and funny when doing them and made it enjoyable.

  15. myrlinn said,

    I’ve been reading what other people are saying about Josh’s Emmy performance. And I think the people saying that Josh’s performance was supposed to be funny is right. But then he probably should have performed the whole thing like he was singing at a classical concert…

    And, just want to say that my post wasn’t really meant to be a comparison of Clay and Josh. It’s just that when I saw the TV themes medley on the Emmy show, it made me think of Clay and his version.

    Linda, I like your comment about Josh showing a different side of himself. Watching it with that in mind does give a different perspective to the segment.

  16. cookie2u said,

    I’m not a big Josh fan but I think he tried to do his best on something I don’t think he’s really comfortable with. Now I think Clay would have been a better choice but perhaps the people who set up these things didn’t know that and Spamalot may have been a deterrent. Clay would probably have the whole audience singing and dancing and I probably have watched more of the show than I did.

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