July 16, 2008

Isabelle Allende’s “The Stories of Eva Luna”

Posted in Books tagged , , , at 9:09 am by myrlinn

I’ve been reading quite a few collections of short stories recently, for very practical reasons. I’ve been rather busy writing recently, and short stories allow me to actually still READ (I’m not terribly good at reading a novel a few pages at a time — I race through it so that I can get to the end, or… resort to reading back to front if I’m too busy).

Anyway, to my surprise, I’m actually enjoying a few of the short story collections I’ve been reading. Well, perhaps not Banana Yoshimoto’s Lizard. But Milan Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting was a stimulating read.

The book I really want to mention though is Isabel Allende’s The Stories of Eva Luna. picked it up at the library. I loved, loved, loved it. Allende blends together the fantastic and the real in such vivid language. Her characters are intriguing, odd, even. Which suits me fine, because I happen to like odd and quirky. And her plots skirt the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Fascinating! I can’t wait to go check out another Isabel Allende book from the library.


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