June 20, 2008

Jason Mraz in Singapore — good news and bad news…

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The Good News: Jason Mraz is going to be in Singapore again! Appearing at the Singfest 08 on August 3rd, 2008.

The Bad News (well, for me, anyway): He’s appearing with a whole bunch of artists that I enjoy listening to on CD, but have no interest at all in watching live. The entire event is TEN HOURS long, from afternoon to evening, and outdoors (I’m so susceptible to infections these days, I’d be worried about getting really sick). AND, the clincher, the tickets are so expensive. $200!

But for anyone who’s into that kind of outdoor event, it should be good fun. Jason Mraz is definitely magnetic live. And from what I’ve seen of Alicia Keys on TV in recent months, she’s quite a live performer as well. (Line-up for August 3rd: Alicia Keys, Panic at the Disco, Jason Mraz, One Republic, Stacie Orrico, Jamie Scott, Rick Astley).

Jason Mraz, along with Toca Rivera and Ian Sheridan, perform “Make it Mine” at Where Music Meets Film event, Live from the ZonePerfect Bar in Park City Utah, January 26, 2008. YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrBoZzD9LHI


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  1. Andy said,

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    Two tickets for sale at T34 section
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