June 4, 2008

Rice, bread and a thought

Posted in Musings tagged , , at 9:38 am by myrlinn

I’ve observed for some time that older folks tend to love rice, and often consider the dishes which go with it as a kind of flavouring ie they eat more rice that the dishes. Now, me, I’m the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I like rice, and I think it goes very well with dishes. I just love eating fish or vegetables more.

Anyway, I was sitting at breakfast today munching on my slice of baguette, and it came to me that hey, I love the taste of plain bread and plain cream crackers. And suddenly, I understood why some people love eating so much rice.

That underlined to me once again how often we make judgments on whether other people are weird or not based on OUR OWN likes and dislikes?


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