May 22, 2008

Clay Aiken’s “Weight of the World”

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From reading the boards, I notice there hasn’t been as many kudos for “Weight of the World” (Track 8 on  Clay’s new CD,  On My Way Here.)

Could it be that the title is about as sexy as a dull old slab of brick?
[Note: I use ‘sexy’ here in the way that advertising/marketing people do, to talk about captions that have such appeal that you just want to out and grab the product].

Well, it deserves a closer listen, in my opinion.

The song is catchy, and I particularly love the driving drum beat.  I also think the set-up line “Has anybody else but me / ever felt this way before” is very clever as well, as it brings in the idea that we often think we’re the only ones experiencing suffering or trouble, when in real life there are many others with the same problems. So we get into the trap of thinking that we must be not as capable or not as smart when we can’t cope.

And I can identify with the lyrics, because it’s been something I’ve had to learn myself.  It’s so hard to remember that it’s sometimes better to let go, than to continue taking on burdens that will start crushing you as time goes on.


Lyrics: Weight of the World

Has anybody else but me
ever felt this way before
Like the world is spinning much too fast
And you’re falling through the floor

Struck by lightning
It’s so frightening
When the morning feels like war
Unbreakable, don’t you wish
you were unbreakable

So when you fall down down down
Don’t get down on you
don’t you know that
Everybody gets down down down
Why you tryin’ to carry the weight
of the world

Some folks say that we’ve
been blessed
And I know deep down
they’re right
But when you’re feelin’ cold,
alone and desperate
And can’t get through the night
It seems the only time
you test your wings
You’re crashin’ through the sky
Unbreakable, don’t you wish
you were unbreakable

Has anybody else but me ever felt this way before

I know it’s hard to see
From where you are right now
I know it’s hard to breathe
Just let the world go round round round


Local Clay-related news:


FINALLY, just want to mention that Clay fans in Singapore got together last weekend. Really have to commend the organisers – great venue, great food, and lots of effort went into making the party a success. I found a great recap by mezzogal here.



My thoughts on a couple of other songs on Clay’s On My Way Here CD:

Clay Aiken’s “Sacrificial Love”

Clay Aiken’s “Something About Us”


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