May 21, 2008

Clay Aiken’s “Sacrificial Love”

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Clay has said that his new CD, On My Way Here, is centred around the theme of what he’s learned over the last five years.

Many of themes are universal, with the songs exploring conflicts and questions we face in our daily lives. How do we deal with fear — fear of rejection, fear of failure, etc? Why must life be so hard?

Some of the songs I like best on the CD (well, this week, anyway; I may have different favourites next week) has the theme of wanting love and wanting to be loved; yet having to open ourselves to being vulnerable when we love, or are in love, like “Where I Draw The Line” (Track 6) , “Lover All Alone” (Track 12) ; and the one I find myself really drawn to, “Sacrificial Love” (Track 10).

I keep going back to the first line of the chorus in “Sacrificial Love” — Are you only / practicing until you find / the real thing — which touches me with its sense of yearning (for love and human connection) and vulnerability (when we reach out to others). I believe we’ve all felt at some time in our lives, whether we’re dealing with lovers or friends.


LYRICS: Sacrificial Love

Sometimes I feel like
I’m chasing the shadows
in your eyes
Losing my footing and looking
for something
I recognize

You tell me you’re here forever
But act like you’re passing through
Which one’s the real you
Which one’s the real you

Are you only
practicing until you find
the real thing
Taking up space
until you find yourself
that perfect face
Are you looking
over my shoulder
Am I enough or just
your sacrificial love

I know when we started
that I kind of talked you into this
I was good for the moment but now
something’s missing
from your kiss

I see you lying beside me
But I feel you moving on
Which one’s the real you
Which one’s the real you

Do I have to spill my tears
Teach you how to say good-bye
If that’s not what I am to you
Then what am I
what am I



My thoughts on a couple of other songs on Clay’s On My Way Here CD:

Clay Aiken’s “Something About Us”

Clay Aiken’s “Weight of the World”



  1. Carl Falk//Songwriter said,


    I wrote this song, glad you like it!!


    Carl Falk

  2. myrlinn said,

    hi Carl, Thanks for dropping by! You wrote a BEAUTIFUL song. something to be proud of 🙂

  3. Amy said,

    For Carl…Sacrificial Love is truly one of my favorites on this terrific cd! Some lines KILL me
    “I see you lying beside me
    But I feel you moving on…”

    “I was good for the moment but…”

    Poignant and heartbreaking and so very real…Beautiful. I hope you’re happy with Clay’s interpretation of your creation. I think it’s masterful.

    Great job!

  4. Dolly said,

    This is one of my On My Way Here favorites…love, love, love it!

  5. Cathy said,

    Beautiful song. Beautiful lyrics.

    Thank you, Carl.

  6. spikeymom said,

    Congratulations, Carl!
    This is a lovely song. I’ve have listened to it many times already; Clay sings it soo beautifully (you must be thrilled!) Love it.

  7. Carl Falk//Songwriter said,

    THX guys!


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