May 9, 2008

Insulting? No, funny!

Posted in Television tagged , , , at 10:04 am by myrlinn

A couple of evenings ago, I was listening to 987 FM (a Singapore radio station), and what comes on but a segment called  ‘Roast Mutton’, a listener contest which involves calling up and trading insults with the DJs, Justin and Vernon (they often refer to themselves as muttons. Don’t ask my why! Or if you know what the mutton reference is all about, do tell me) .

The one I remember from that night? “Justin’s so fat, when he told me his weight, I thought it was the phone number”.

That segment gave me the idea to blog about MTV’s Yo Momma(I assume that that radio segment is based on this show).

Seems like the right time to do so too, with it being Mother’s Day this weekend. You know, a sort of off-beat Mother’s Day post.

In case you didn’t know already, “Yo Momma” happens to be one of my favourite TV shows. Now, I normally don’t like it when people get insulting. But on a show like ‘Yo Momma’, where the point of it all is to see who is wittier, I’m hooked!

Never seen ‘Yo Momma’? You’ll find clips on youtube here. (If you want to find out more about the origin of yo momma jokes, check out this article.)

On the subject of MTV, my other fave on there is ‘Pimp My Ride’.  I wouldn’t want any car of mine to be ‘pimped’ out in such ostentatious style, but I’m just fascinated by what they can think of to fit into a car. Computers, wide-screen TVs, pin-ball machines, … they think BIG!


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