May 8, 2008

Love this Clay Aiken performance: ‘Ashes’ (Good Morning America)

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Clay was on Good Morning America yesterday (May 7th)
or this morning (depending on where you are on the globe),
promoting his new CD, On My Way Here.

He performed ‘Ashes’ for GMA’s website – he did well :).
You must check out this performance:


And, on the show proper, he sang his first single:

On My Way Here

And if you’re looking for Clay’s CD in Singapore stores, Sony BMG Singapore has said that the CDs are on the way and should be here by next week. Fingers crossed!

My new favourite picture (from back cover of Clay’s new CD):



  1. peggy said,

    I loved seeing Clay on GMA and I absolutely LOVE this CD. There is only one song I might skip, depending on my mood, but all in all love the CD. It is so deverse. Never has there been a singer who could make me cry by just listening. And that photo! That’s the Clay we all know and love. Wish they would publish more just like that one.

  2. wanie85 said,

    he’s so so so handsome

  3. FL said,

    thanks for linking the Ashes video. It’s too bad that it’s not the first single. he would’ve sold more albums with it.

  4. myrlinn said,

    Thanks for visiting, peggy, wanie and FL. I like Ashes, but I do think ‘On My Way Here’ is a good choice for a first single. Not the most profound song lyrics-wise on the CD, but it’s catchy.

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