April 24, 2008

AI7: Carly Smithson goes home…

Posted in Television tagged , , , , at 8:07 pm by myrlinn

I haven’t really talked about this season’s American Idol, have I? That’s probably because although I’ve been faithfully watching, I haven’t really cared. Didn’t feel anything when the other contestants were eliminated. I was starting to think that perhaps I’d become too cynical.

So, when I felt disappointment at Carly’s elimination, I was actually relieved, that I haven’t lost the ability to feel for the contestants, that I haven’t lost the ability to be sorry to see good talent go.

I thought that Carly was definitely one of the more talented vocalists this year. Yes, she hasn’t really had a truly memorable performance all this season, but I’ve enjoyed quite a few of her performances. And would have looked forward to seeing what she can do the next two weeks.

I did entertain the thought after this week’s performance night that she might be eliminated. It happens so often on AI that contestants with the worst performances get saved. With so few people left, that meant that Syesha and Carly, who did fairly well, were in danger. But I didn’t want to believe it in my heart until the results were actually announced.

I guess there’s a bright spot here. At least Carly managed to go out on a high note — with a feisty performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. And, if you think about it, she gets more publicity from being a shock elimination than from going when people think it’s her turn. Hope she gets her break in the music business after this. She seems to want it sooo much, and because of that I want it for her too.


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