April 8, 2008

A Tale of Two Music Videos

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I tread through so much of life taking the middle path that it’s pretty unusual for me to LOVE (or HATE) something at first sight. Yet, this is what happened to me twice in the past week.

I came across Jon Peter Lewis’s music video for “Break the Silence”. Immediately hated it.
(Watch the “Break the Silence” music video on Youtube here)

On the other extreme, Josh Gracin’s music video for “We Weren’t Crazy”“… love it!
(Watch the “We Weren’t Crazy” music video on Youtube here)

I think a big part of my strong reaction to JPL’s music video comes from the fact that I actually love the song. “Break the Silence” is catchy pop while still having some maturity in sound. And I like the way the lyrics are put together on this song. BUT the music video is so safe, so formulaic, so cliched, that it sucked the soul out of the song. And the charmingly offbeat, intelligent personality we saw on Idol? Virtually no sign of it anywhere in the video (except perhaps in the short clips of him playing a guitar).

Josh Gracin’s video for “We Weren’t Crazy”, on the other hand, conveyed where the heart of the man lies. Early clips of him and his family were very skilfully weaved into the video, telling the story without slipping into the maudlin or the cheesy. This video definitely made a song that I was in like (not love) with seem so much more meaningful, and more enjoyable to listen to.

On the plus side for both videos: both guys are certainly looking great these days šŸ™‚


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