April 2, 2008

The price of pleasure…

Posted in Musings tagged , , at 8:30 am by myrlinn

… can be as little as 60 cents. The price of my favourite of the moment — soft ice-cream in a cone from McDonald’s. And to me, best bargain in Singapore! Swirly, creamy, lickable heaven. Isn’t it lucky that sometimes it takes that little to make someone happy?

I think another one of the reasons I like it so much me of my university days — enjoying similar ice-cream cones with my friends, sitting on the steps of the square in the middle of the university, just watching the world go by. We spent so many hours doing that. I wonder: do students at Lancaster University still do that today? Sit at Alexandra Square as the days turn to summer, and just ‘be’ in the time between classes?

Also, I have to admit, fom a practical point of view, soft ice-cream is not icy-cold, so it’s something I can actually enjoy. For some reason, I get a cough if I take anything too cold these days (Sure miss the days of starting the day with an ice-cold Coke!)


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