March 31, 2008

inSingapore: The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Posted in Travel and Culture tagged , , , , , , at 8:23 am by myrlinn

After all these years in Singapore, yesterday was the first time I stepped into The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the oldest Roman Catholic church here.

You don’t get the impression of great age that you feel the moment you step into Europe’s famous cathedrals, but the atmosphere once the service starts certainly makes up for that.

The choir adds much to the service. The resonant voices evoke the majesty of God, and the solemnity of worship.

I’m not sure that I’ll ever feel really comfortable in a  Roman Catholic church, Methodist school girl that I am, but the trappings — the incense, the traditional choir, the formality of the service — struck a chord with me.

So if you’re visiting this church, try to go for its main Sunday service at 10 am. After all, a church is more than its architecture or the statues lovingly placed in and around it. It’s the communion of people coming together in worship, and only by attending a service will you ‘feel’ that.


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