March 26, 2008

There IS such a thing as a FREE lunch in Singapore

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Many people believe that in Singapore, life is good IF you have money.

True, to some extent, but I’ve found that it’s also fun to find out what you can enjoy for FREE in Singapore.

My favourite free thing to do is ‘Go to the library’. Public libraries in Singapore are clean, comfortable and quite well-stocked. I always enjoy myself going there, and browsing round the shelves for a few hours.

There are also actually quite a few free events in Singapore, performances, exhibitions and such. I’ve found, though, that the ones I enjoy the most have been those at the Esplanade Concert Hall – their ‘Lunchbox’ and ‘Beautiful Sunday’ programmes. Mostly local acts, but they’re actually quite good.

Comfortable seats, great acoustics, polite, helpful ushers — when I go there to see something free, it usually feels like something worth paying for even.

In fact, a friend and I went to a ‘Lunchbox’ programme just yesterday. We had actually expected to see John Molina, but they changed the programme to Wynne Sandosham singing songs from the Elton John songbook. All in all, it was enjoyable. When you watch him and his band, you really do appreciate just how good some of the musicians in Singapore are. I thought the main strength of the half-hour programme was the arrangements. Very strong work there. I loved the way they used the different drums to make Elton John’s songs just that little bit different. Wynne Sandosham had a little trouble with his falsetto at the beginning, but that smoothed out further into the set. And while I don’t think he’s an amazing singer, I do appreciate his musicality, his styling of the songs were very good.

And a while ago, a couple of months, perhaps, another friend and I went to a ‘Beautiful Sunday’ programme, a guitar ensemble performance. If I remember right, it was the NUS Guitar Ensemble. They performed a very good selection of music in their one-hour set. They presented classical and classic pieces from different parts of the world. Going to that concert inspired me to take out my classical CDs again, actually.

Useful Links

The Esplanade

National Library


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    Thanks for the read! Very informative.

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